Welcome to my blog!!! 

So I’ve finally decided to start blogging! I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time now and I think now it’s 2015 I will make the first steps. I’ve never done this before but I hope that you guys enjoy reading my posts, and let’s hope I do this right. I think you’ll have time bare with me everyone! 

So I’m Jazmin-Heaven and I turned 18 on the first day of this year! I love writing and I’m currently in the process of applying for a creative writing course at university. Wish me luck. I also love reading and I’m pretty sure many of my posts will be about books so I’m really hoping you lot reading this share my passion for books.. I’m very into makeup and fashion so I guess I’ll post about that and let you know what products to try and what not to try!! Maybe I have some useful tips😋. I love my friends and my boyfriend Luke who I’ve been with for 4 years this month (14 when we met, crazy right?). My beautiful cat is currently the apple of my eye though, a little black cat that’s half Norweigan forest. I descovered they climb trees the minute the Christmas tree went up this year! – she’s such a terror. She’s called Coco-Chanel, but she’s naughty and definitely doesn’t live up to her classy name. I’m really into music too! Isn’t everyone? I’m really excited that I’m going watching Taylor Swift this June!! I’m sure I’ll let you all know how it is. I really love Ron Pope too, I’ve seen him perform and met him too, it was incredible and I’m blessed to have met him. He isn’t well known but you should check him out for sure!! 

I think I’m getting carried away with this blogging thing so I’ll wrap it up! I look forward to discovering the blogging world and hope you join me on my journey into 2015☺️

Jazmin-Heaven xxxx